We are an open, evolving community invested in creating, preserving, and translating knowledge. Our faculty and students play an increasingly large role in engaging in innovation and entrepreneurial activities.

Engineering design is represents the process of devising a system, component, or process to meet desired needs. It is a decision making process (often iterative) in which the basic sciences, mathematics, and engineering sciences are applied to convert resources optimally to meet a stated objective.

In addition to fostering relationships with industry and government labs, SEAS serves as an “incubator” for new ventures and has dedicated programs and courses that encourage faculty and student idea generation.

Through such activities, our overarching aim is to make the social aspects of science and technology an integral part of our efforts in education, research, and practice.

Focus Areas

The design courses in the School range from introductory to advanced and are based around a number of focus areas.

  • User Centric Design
  • Machine Design
  • Prototyping
  • Medical Device Design
  • Small Scale Farming Automation
  • Software User Interface Design